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Reason is often not reasonable

Just because you think you understand something doesn’t mean that’s how the world actually works. The truth is, reality is not predictable and we usually choose reason instead of our hearts.

"For years, the Right has worshiped markets and now they have reason to be skeptical," he told me. "Meanwhile, the Left has romanticized government and now they have reason to be skeptical. So what you’ve got now is a society that is demoralized because they have nothing to believe in." - Rob Johnson, an economist
My thoughts for today

I’m so sick of reading about articles that rank schools that are “the best”. Although I’m far from reaching my undergrad degree, I’m looking into masters programs right now and the amount of institutions that try to rank educational programs just appalls me. While some of the methods that these institutions use make sense, I just believe that there isn’t a “best” institution in higher education. The point of higher education is that each institution contributes to a global network of knowledge, and even though a school’s contribution may be small, they are still contributing to that network of knowledge. I really just want a page that will let me choose qualities of a school that I want, based on my own needs. Maybe if we all took to finding the “best”  institution a little less seriously, we would maybe start to enjoy learning, something I think that we all need.


People are butts about gender sometimes! So here is a comic talking about how it really isn’t a big deal!

When I was with James this week I wrote a little poem about gender
and decided to draw a comic for said poem.

Hope you guys enjoy!